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  • How Pest Wizard Helps IGCs Succeed
  • The Pest Wizard Short Story

    pest wizard animates when page loadsPest Wizard Inc develops and packages insect pheromone lures, traps, and other insect management products for resale at independent garden centers and green goods nurseries across North America.  The company was launched in 2009 in response to queries made by professional associates about  how to inform the public about their culpability in the spread of invasive insects.  Then came, “How do we get the public to listen, care, and stop behaviors that exacerbate the apocalyptic damage many invasive insects are causing.”  That's when IGCs came into mind.  IGCs are owned and staffed by folks whose hearts and souls are in the right place.  They know their stuff and have influence with their customers.  What a perfect place for consumers to find everything they need for a complete Yard–n–Garden Balancing™ bundle that includes Pest Wizard® products combined with complimentary organics, tools, biological controls, expert instructions, and love.

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  • Support Your Indie Garden Center

    Parting with your hard earned cash at an independent small business is a grand thing to do.  This is especially true when it comes to independent garden centers and nurseries.  Whether an IGC is brick and mortar only or also offers a robust online shopping experience, buying IGC puts your money to work keeping your community, state, and national economies vibrant and alive.  Buying IGC contributes to environmental sustainability.  Buying IGC creates rewarding jobs.  It ensures the uniquely rewarding IGC experience you've come to count on will continue to thrive and be there when you need it most

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  • Yard-n-Garden Bug Balancing
  • What is an Invasive Insect Pest?
  • Are You Culpable or Capable?
  • Beneficials? What Are They?
  • Risks to Beneficials
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